Saturday, September 5, 2009

the winter sounds

the winter sounds is a band about which i am priviledged to say, "my friend's in this band...and, uh, yeah. they're pretty sweet. you should check it out." there's no unbalanced sound or mismatched vocals here, and these kids aren't from your neighbor's basement.

despite not knowing quite where they're from, with four members from four different states, the winter sounds have some of the most loyal fans in the southeast and midwest. when the band needed new tires for the van, in order to support their road-junkie lifestyle, they called upon their fans. in mere days, fans donated $500 to help keep these kids on the road. the band responded graciously, writing and performing personalized "thank you" videos for each fan who made a donation.

if it's not obvious by now that i am incredibly biased let me spell it out for you: i am incredibly biased. the winter sounds are four of the best, most genuine and fun people i know. so, i don't expect you to believe me when i say they're good.

here's what other people think:

nicole kibert @ the daily loaf says, "they’ve managed to successfully amalgamate all the bands you love so much into something new. so get your dancing shoes on and get ready to see the future of indie rock."

josh kirkwood @ teradyme says, "the winter sounds took me places i have never truly been. they made me feel as if i was in europe, particularly ireland, listening to eclectic music so good, i had a subconscious fear i'd never hear it again."

or just check it out for yourself:

last night they wrapped up their most recent tour, playing a spot-on show at martyrs' in their "hometown" chicago. the band is currently taking a nice long break from the road (one whole whopping month) but will be out and about again soon.

September 19 2009, 8:00 PM

PLAY:stl (w/ Dear Future, Love in October & many more)

St. Louis, Missouri

September 24 2009, 8:00 PM
Midpoint Music Festival (Know Theater Main Stage)
Cincinnati, Ohio

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