Saturday, September 19, 2009

questions on how to be an ally & general life update


  1. Comment #1: Where can I find this 'sidebar' of which you speak? (That's not really a comment, but, you know.) The only thing I see is the blog archive.

    Comment #2: I'm happy that you blog.

    Comment #3: You should remind people about the Equality March in D.C. on the 11th. I mean, in addition to me reminding them right there. :)

  2. ah hah! the sidebar is only actually on my youtube page, so if you followed the video there, you'd see it. but this is the link i referenced: actually, i just realized i can't copy and paste here. so. i'm going to add it to the post itself, i think.

    and in regard to the NEM, i may just do that - for the 3 people who read this. =) we are going to start making plans this week, so i'll let you know what's up - if you're still interested.